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Weekly Podcast focused on the sports card hobby and the sports world, Great guest conversations & awesome giveaways.

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Episode 83(7/3/2020)

The two gentlemen aka the Skol Brothers on this week’s show have great chemistry on their YouTube show “The Sports Card Talk Show” & that’s because their history runs deep, we dive in to that, their hobby approach & we share a few laughs along the way, these guys are having fun, isn’t that what the hobby’s about? I’ll forgive them for being Vikings fans!

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Sophia Chang

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About the Host

From that first pack of 1979 Topps Baseball & the Reggie that came out of it, John was hooked, He started to do shows at age 15 in 1987, Opened his brick & mortar store at age 20 in 1992, He was a contributing writer to Tuff Stuff Magazine, now as host of Sports Card Nation & Hobby Quick Hits podcasts, John gets to share his passion for the hobby and prides himself on being honest and not mincing words!

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