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Weekly Podcast focused on the sports card hobby and the sports world, Great guest conversations & awesome giveaways.

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Episode 99(10/23/2020)         


 Always interesting coversating with someone who has a similar hobby background, Same age, started around same time, show dealer & now Podcast hosts..Jeremy Lee is our guest, host of the live video podcast “Sports Cards Live”, Jeremy one of the best conversationalists in the hobby. We discuss the state of the hobby, content creation & the future.      The 2022 National has a new locale, & Ginter X is live.          We also announce the Hot Box Cards subscription box winner.

We announce the winner of this week’s $50 break credit from 1 of 1 Card Shop.

Last Week’s Show:/Episode #98

Blake Jamieson & Tony Bianchini

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From that first pack of 1979 Topps Baseball & the Reggie that came out of it, John was hooked, He started to do shows at age 15 in 1987, Opened his brick & mortar store at age 20 in 1992, He was a contributing writer to Tuff Stuff Magazine, now as host of Sports Card Nation & Hobby Quick Hits podcasts, John gets to share his passion for the hobby and prides himself on being honest and not mincing words!

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2 replies on “Sports Card Nation Podcast”

Hi John
I just want to say I really enjoyed the interview with you and your Dad, just listening to you two go back and forth about the Brooklyn Dodgers was so enjoyable. Tell him for me that he was a joy to listen to. Thanks John and as always, keep up the great work on the show I look forward to each episode. Stay Safe!

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