When it’s a hobby icon/legend that it involves, etiquette becomes almost the exception over the norm. With the recent tragic helicopter crash that took the life of NBA Icon Kobe Bryant along with 8 others(God rest their souls), unscrupulous actions were underway as soon as hobbyists got the grim news.

What is “unscrupulous” in these occurences, it’s a gray area, even I myself wage a debate in my own mind, many sellers say “hey it’s my card I can do what I want to, Are they wrong? So we need to set a baseline, let’s talk about the different scenarios here.

News comes in, there’s mad dashes to get to the ebays & comc’s to buy those Kobe’s(in this recent case) before the sellers can either unlist or raise their prices, free enterprise right? Seller is getting what he listed & wanted it for correct? In the other racing lane you have the sellers, their mission…get there before the buyers get their goods so they can reprice or unlist. Seems an even playing field, Does it matter what the buyers intentions will be(most likely to flip themselves for a profit), it’s gray but at least the playing field is level, Could you make an argument that someone racing to buy the Kobe’s to immediately flip for profit is pretty dingey? I’d say yes but that’s just one man’s 2cents. One thing which to me is not debatable is this…the sellers that cancel sales for bogus reasons are lying, you don’t have to like that the buyer beat you to that tape but you also got your full asking price, in today’s world of lowball,absurd offers you got full ask, yes full “alive” ask but that’s how this works, could I make an exception argument for autographed items being cancelled? Maybe moreso but where’s the line here?

Others argue that there should be a week long moratorium that player who passes cards are not to be transacted, many facebook groups, forums & message boards have those as actual rules, you know the rules I’m talking about?? The ones you don’t read but say you did when you join a group because you can wait to show off & sell/trade your wares. If it’s a rule you have to abide by it or should at that place but those that think that rule magically covers the universe…well you’re fooling yourself. Major political figures die, flags lowered to half staff, tributes are done but the business of politics continues, in the sports card hobby I reverse it & call it the politics of business.

I have no personal transactions to bring to the table, as I said on my recent podcast, I have about only 9 non base Kobe’s & no autos, none happened to be listed on any sell sites. I still have them. In my firebox case. I’m not sure there is an easy defined right & wrong here, but a seller cancelling a sale for bogus reasons is wrong in my opinion. Is a buyer trying to buy a just deceased legends cards just to turn a profit wrong? That’s the gray, I’ll say this it’s not an activity I would partake in but everyone is not the same, do I think someone who does that is a little grimey?? I do. I’ll close with this, let’s just hope these untimely deaths don’t occur, the real tragedy is not dollars or cents but in how families & people are affected. God bless & take care!

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