Equipoise BoldenonaE is a synthetic steroid

Equilibrium (Boldenone-E) refers to synthetics – artificially synthesized steroids. Today, this steroid is in high demand in the sports community. Equipoise has an androgenicity of 50 percent testosterone and its anabolic activity of 100 percent testosterone. The medicine works for a long time after the injection. The active substance is boldenone undecylenate. The substance is considered to be one of […]


Hepatic and splenic disorders have been reported with such medicinal products. Sometimes they were very severe or life-threatening. Symptoms may only appear when the disorder is very severe. If you have signs of liver or spleen problems, such as dark urine, feeling tired, loss of appetite, nausea or stomach pain, vomiting or yellow skin or eyes, contact your doctor immediately.Cholesterol […]

Testosterone Phenylpropionate/Retandrol

Testosterone Phenylpropionate can be used as a pharmaceutical material, widely used in Wugao clinical disease, cryptorchidism and male sexual gynecology. Testosterone Phenylpropionate plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testicles and prostate. In addition, testosterone cypionate is essential for health and well-being and for the prevention of osteoporosis. Opposition: Testosterone Phenylpropionate is an […]