Hobbyist of the Month

Scott Berger


Started collecting cards in the late 70s when my grandmother would buy my brother and I vending boxes of topps baseball. We had a blast opening these.

Bought and opened cards through early 80s and started back up in late 80s.

Have a real passion for my Boston Sports teams with relics and autographs and anything Arizona State University with relics and

Been collecting non stop since the late 80s and also have a passion for unopened non sports packs and always adding those to my PC.

My joy now is opening packs with my kids and seeing the joy they get from seeing “shiny” and “fluffy” cards as they call them.

2x brain tumor survivor so love to give back and raise money with my #TheBergandtheBurb brain tumor walk team.


He’s won a $50 break credit to One of One Card Shop